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Regional attractions map:mapa

Other recommended attractions:

  • Jurassic park in Bałtów - Kamienna (Stone) Valley is the location of Bałtów and its Jura Park, recreating the world of dinosaurs as they roamed the Earth 150 million years ago. It's a great place to experience adventure by the whole family. A visit to the park is like a journey through time spanning across the eras from the Cambrian all the way up to now. The educational foot-trail and its information boards guide you along from one life-sized reconstructed dinosaur to another. The trail comes to an end at the Jurassic Museum, where exhibits include fossils, dinosaur footprints and other assorted local and foreign findings.
  • The "Wieliczka" Salt-Mine - Wieliczka is famous for its ultra-deep Salt Mine, which has been in continuous operation for 700 years. It's an eerie world of pits and chambers and everything has been carved by hand from salt blocks. The Wieliczka Salt Mine was included on UNESCO's World Heritage List in 1978. The mine is renowned for the preservative qualities of its micro climate, as well as for its health-giving properties. An underground sanatorium has been established at a depth of 440 feet (135m), where chronic allergic diseases are treated by overnight stays.
  • Palace in Kurozwęki - in the mid 14th century local knight Dobiesław of Kurozwęki built here a castle which became the seat of the Kurozwęcki noble family. At first the castle had a defensive character, but in the course of the time it was remodeled several times. What is more, Kurozwęki is the only place in Poland where we can visit American Plain bisons breeding.
  • Łańcut Castle and park - a 17th-century palace constructed in the style of a grand aristocratic palace-residence.
  • Sandomierz - it is known for its Old Town which is a major tourist attraction. In the past, Sandomierz used to be one of the most important urban centers in Poland.